Explain why the tet offensive could

explain why the tet offensive could The real tet offensive began on the vietnamese lunar new year this was supposed to be a time of peace and armistice, in compliance with celebrating the holiday this is a very important holiday for the vietnamese the new year was a time for resolving problems between family and friends, a little ironic for one of the most catastrophic attacks.

The complete battle plan for the tet offensive has never been revealed, but it is evident that the plan for a major offensive against south vietnam originated in the summer of 1967, following the death of north vietnamese general nguyen chi thanh. The tet offensive of 1968 proved to be the turning point of the vietnam war and its effects were far-reaching it changed the entire way that the united states approached the war: before the tet offensive the us objective in vietnam was to win the war after the tet offensive, the us objective. When the tet offensive ignited south vietnam on jan 30, 1968, american forces were taken by surprise every one of the country’s 44 provinces was hit in a stunning, coordinated attack that.

The leadership in hanoi knew that the 1968 tet offensive would be a gamble but mhq author james h willbanks outlines how the offensive achieved some stunning psychological successes, particularly in the opening phases. The tet offensive was the series of surprise attacks on major cities, towns, and military bases all throughout south vietnam these were launched by the viet cong and north vi etnamese troops. Preparations for the north vietnamese and viet cong launched tet offensive started months before the evening of january 31, 1968 in 1967 the vietnam-american war was stalled the united states had prevented the north vietnamese and viet cong from taking control of the south, but could not force them to abandon their struggle (hess, 103.

The smithsonian’s airplane “flew almost daily against viet cong throughout the tet offensive,” reports curator of aeronautics larry burke enemy fire hammered it six times in vietnam. Myth: the tet offensive was a communist victory the 1968 tet offensive was a total and complete miltary disaster for the north vietnamese communists no matter how you look at it if you measure victory by territory gained or enemy killed, the north vietnamese army and the viet cong failed dismally in their attacks. Why the us lost the vietnam war intelligence, and, of course, the military the easiest thing to explain are the policy, or political factors flawed it could not win the support of the local population it could not win on the ground and, after the tet offensive in early 1968 demolished the upbeat fiction in the us that the war.

Following the tet offensive, general william westmoreland called for an additional 200,000 troops to help break the resolve of the vietcong but president lyndon b johnson's rejection of the proposal showed that america's commitment to the war in vietnam was waning. The tet offensive was a series of surprise attacks by the vietcong (rebel forces sponsored by north vietnam) and north vietnamese forces, on scores of cities, towns, and hamlets throughout south vietnam. The tet offensive was a coordinated series of north vietnamese attacks on more than 100 cities and outposts in south vietnam the offensive was an attempt to foment rebellion among the south.

Explain why the tet offensive could

The tet offensive, a surprise attack launched by north vietnam in the pre-dawn hours of jan 31, 1968, was a major turning point in the war it shocked the american public into reality about the. Explain why the initial military action resulted in a stalemate describe the tet offensive of 1968 explain how and why it proved to be a turning point in the vietnam war choose a position either for (hawk) or against (dove) the war write a brief letter to the editor from that position. American military strategy in the vietnam war, 1965–1973 summary and keywords for nearly a decade, american combat soldiers fought in south vietnam to help sustain an independent, noncommunist nation in southeast asia.

In january 1968, the nva launched the tet offensive, capturing a number of towns in south vietnam the north vietnamese lost 45,000 men, including many officers. Ch 30 history study play explain the war to the senate after the tet offensive, the mainstream media (us) began to openly criticize the war effort nixon's decision to invade cambodia angered congress, resulting in a repeal of the gulf of tonkin resolution as a result of the battle at dien bien phu. The tet offensive was so named because it fell on the first day of the lunar new year (known as tet nguyen dan)--vietnam's most important holiday the north vietnamese initially gained the. The tet offensive proved a military failure for the communists, but it fueled the american public's pessimism and weariness about the war it ended when the north prevailed in 1975.

The why part is more difficult to explain, mainly because its a combination of factors under which circumstances did the us withdraw from the vietnam war firstly, we can start with tet offensive in 1968, when us army really started losing the war although the nva suffered defeat militarily, but they have achieved political. Results of the tet offensive while the tet offensive proved to be a military victory for the us and arvn, it was a political and media disaster public support began to erode as americans started to question the handling of the conflict. The tet offensive (vietnamese: sự kiện tết mậu thân 1968), or officially called the general offensive and uprising of tet mau than 1968 (vietnamese: tổng tiến công và nổi dậy tết mậu thân 1968) by north vietnam and the viet cong, was one of the largest military campaigns of the vietnam war, launched on january 30, 1968.

Explain why the tet offensive could
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